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As Makrosan Seramik, we have been importing stainless steel wire and Spray Dryer Nozzles since 2014.

Stainless Sieve Wire

Plain weave is divided into twill weave.

Spray Dryer Nozzles

The main purpose is the formation of very fine liquid droplets after spraying, which ensures complete evaporation in the tank.

Concept of Quality Service

As a company vision, we always adopt the understanding of quality service.

Reasonable price

We offer affordable prices without sacrificing quality!

Instant Return

Write us any subject that gets stuck in your head and we will return immediately.

Guaranteed Service

Our products are guaranteed for two years.


We manufacture with our revolutionary machines.

Regular Education

We keep up to date with the trainings we provide to our colleagues.

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Spray Dryer Nozzles

Durability of stainless chrome-nickel steel ..

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Stainless Sieve Wire

Stainless sieve and stainless mesh wires are manufactured by us in any size, wire thickness and desired dimensions.

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